Richard Neave, Lindow Man,

reconstruction of head of a 2,000-year-old man

found by peat diggers in 1984 at

Lindow Common, Cheshire, 1985

Sculpture from Michoacán, Mexico, Twentieth century

Pierre Molinier, Le Chaman, 1967

Richard Hamilton, Diab DS-101 Computer, 1985-89

André MAsson, Automatic Drawing, 1924

Racetrack Playa with mysterious 'sailing stones',

Death Valley National Park, California, 2007

Roger Hiorns, Nunhead, 2004

Windows in Time, Inis Mor mouse pad, artist's own,2012

Thomas Bayrle, Conveyer Belt II, 2007

Bill Phillips, Phillip's Economic Computer, 1949

David Musgrave, Animal, 1998

Falde-colour view of Hyperion, a moon of Saturn, taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft,

26 September 2005.

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